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'Shakers Re-Stirred' | 25th July - 1st August 2020

Every town has a Shakers the oh so trendy cocktail bar where everyone wants to be seen. From the check-out girls to the chinless wonders, from the yuppies to the local lads tittering at the thought of a “Long Slow Comfortable Screw”. We are given a wickedly funny glimpse into this world by the four-long suffering waitresses – Adele, Carol, Mel and Nicky - offering a fascinating view of the reality that lurks behind the plastic palms and Pina Colada in this revised version of the ever-popular original play Shakers, first performed in 1985. It was “re-stirred” with this version in 1991, and 29 years on, the proof that very little changes is laid bare, the characters are still recognisable, still hanging around trendy bars, still telling the same old jokes, still sniggering at anything that can be given a sexual overtone, they are still offering to give waitresses one, still telling wives they are working, still playing away – still ordering seafood pasta . . .

Characters / Audition Pieces:
- Acting age: 20-30s. Northern accents Opening Act Page 1 The waitresses – Carol, Adele, Nicky, Mel

Opening Act 2 Pages 51 - 52 The ‘lads’

Act 1 Pages 41 - 42 The ‘girls’

Act 2 Pages 73-75 Mel’s speech split into four sections
• Carol has a degree and wants to be a photographer
• Adele has a baby, Emma, and a boyfriend Craig
• Nicky is a dancer and hopes her big break is a Norwegian Cruise
• Mel has 2 GCSEs, a boyfriend Steve and wants an easy life with no pressures. She had a secret abortion at 16. She told nobody. Her dilemma? Should she tell Steve? I will be looking for the changes in voice, pace, physicality and ability to switch quickly from one character to another.

The girls, dressed in Shakers t-shirts, black trousers and black shoes will seamlessly create all the different characters throughout the play.

A great challenge for four talented actresses!! (and the director!!!! Eek!!) All to the backdrop of some cracking 80s/90s music and creative lighting.

The play has no costume changes, apart from the odd hat or jacket, no props, a counter and a four bar stools. Possibly a raised area with table & a couple of chairs. My SM is Viv Cleary and I will require an ASM (prompt) for rehearsals but not for the run. Sound and lighting will be challenging and massively important to the success of this production.

Note about the authors:
John Godber was born in Yorkshire in 1956, a trained teacher with an MA in drama winning major awards at the National Student Drama Festival and Fringe Firsts and the Edinburgh Festival. In 1984 he was appointed artistic director of Hull Truck Theatre company and is well-known for other successful plays such as Up ‘n Under, Teechers, On the Piste and the male counterpart to this play – Bouncers. Jane Thornton, his wife is a successful playwright as well and has worked extensively as an actress and director.

Audition date: 8th June 2019

Audition time: 11.00am - 12.30pm

If you are interested in auditioning for any parts please contact the Director Claire Dingley
email: claire.dingley@ntlworld.com
call: 07768 130 113

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