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'Dad's Army' | 19th - 26th October 2019

From “Don’t panic” to “We’re doomed” a nostalgic subtle and slapstick comedy, featuring our very own Walmington-on-Sea’s Home Guard platoon, who are ready to take on the Germans in
three episodes from the popular TV series : The Deadly Attachment’, ‘Mum’s Army’ and The Floral Dance.’nd ‘raise the roof’ to help us fix the


13 men 7 women (speaking parts), 7 sailors, non speaking

The main characters are in all three episodes. The other characters are in The Deadly attachment ( U Boat Captain, Hodges, Verger, Colonel) and Mum’s Army (all the females and the platoon).
Everyone is in The Floral Dance. The vicar is only in the Floral Dance. However, the vicar could double with the U Boat Captain or be a separate part. There is singing but you don’t have to be a singer.

Seven sailors are also needed who do not have any lines.

Main characters in all three (NB all playing ages)
Captain Mainwaring (40s/50s/60s) – local bank manager, leader of the platoon, pompous and commanding. Known for saying “Stupid Boy”.
Sergeant Wilson (40s/50s/60s) – bank clerk, public school educated, suave. Often says “How lovely”. If the actor could play the piano that would be a bonus but do audition even if you can’t play the piano.
Lance Corporal Jones (40s/50s/60s) – local butcher, easily excitable, often says “Don’t panic”
Private Frazer (40s/50s/60s) – Scottish, coffin maker, blunt, tight with money, gloomy look on life. Often says “We’re doomed”
Private Walker (40s slightly younger than the others) – also called “The Spiv”, cockney/South London accent – often found wheeling and dealing.
Private Godfrey (60s/70s) -retired shop assistant, frail, amiable, lives with his sisters, weak bladder which gave him the catch phrase “permission to be excused”
Private Pike (18 ish) – youngest member, cosseted mother’s boy, calls Wilson “Uncle Arthur”.
Other characters: U Boat Captain (30s/40s) – German, Commander of a captured U Boat crew
Chief Warden Hodges (40s/50s/60s) – greengrocer, Mainwaring’s main rival, comes across as hostile but a bit of a coward
Verger (40s/50s/60s) – Captain of the Sea Scouts Unit, good friends with Hodges and the Vicar, often hostile to the platoon
Colonel (50s/60s) – Mainwaring’s superior, a stern serious man.
Vicar (30s/40s/50s/60s) - petulant, ineffectual, but kind and well-meaning vicar (could also play one of the Sailors or U Boat Captain)
Serviceman/Sailor (30s/40s) – small role
Mrs Gray (40s/50s/60s) – large role in ‘Mum’s army’ - a charming lady who has a bit of a “brief encounter” with Mainwaring
Edith Parish (late 20s/30s/early 40s) – Walker’s girlfriend. Cinema usherette and played up to be “a bit of a ‘tart, (small role)
Mrs Pike (late 30s/40s/early 50s) fiercely protective of Pike and Wilson, to the point that she is accused of “mollycoddling” by Captain Mainwaring (small role) Mrs Fox (50s/60s) – larger than life and matronly (small to medium role) Ivy Samways (20s to 60s) – very quiet (almost inaudible) shop assistant, very nervous (small role)
Waitress/Mrs Hart (20s to 60s) – small role, waitress in coffee shop (small role)
Buffet Attendant (20s to 60s) – small role, at train station

Audition details:
Godfrey, Mainwaring, Colonel, Wilson, Jones, U Boat Captain, Pike, Walker: From top of page 20 to bottom of page 23.

Frazer, Jones, Walker, Pike, Mainwaring, Hodges, Verger: top of page 26 to bottom of page 28.

Wilson, Mainwaring, Mrs Fox, Jones, Pike, Ivy, Edith, Walker, Frazer from top of page 51 Mrs Fox “Oh, there’s my address...” to middle of page 54 Edith “Down Berwick Road ...... so you needn’t get any ideas”.

Mrs Gray, Mainwaring, Serviceman, Buffet Attendant: Top of page 72 to bottom of page 73. Mrs Fox, Hodges, Pike, Mrs Pike, Mainwaring, Mrs Hart, Wilson: From page 114 Wilson “Right Sir” to bottom of 114 Mainwaring “Yes of course, Mrst Hart”.

Vicar, Verger, Mainwaring, Jones, Hodges, Mainwaring page 116 …

Audition date: 15th June 2019

Audition time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm

If you are interested in auditioning for any parts please contact the Director Viv McQuillan
email: vivien.cleary@tiscali.co.uk
call: 07946 759 771

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